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My Best Friend Fairy (aka MYBFF) was founded by a mom and her daughter on a mission: To empower children with inspiring, mindful products that will help them manage emotions in school, work and life.

- born from flowers -

We recognize there are many stressors in the world and strive to provide tools to help manage them. As a mother, my dream is for my children to feel empowered, to face obstacles and manage stress in a productive way. My Best Friend Fairy offers this healthy alternative.


My Best Friend Fairy was inspired by my daughter, Kate and her transition to  “BIG KID” school! When Kate showed signs of nervousness and anxiety that sometimes manifested as utter terror - as a new mom to a grade-schooler, I panicked!

I read books, watched videos, talked to a kids counselor and a common thread was the positive benefits of essential oils.  At this time Kate had an obsession with fairies. As a distraction technique, we focused our energies on two of her favorite things, fairies and clay! We molded flower fairies out of clay which proved to be quite therapeutic, for both of us. We talked about how these fairies were born, what characteristics they had and what special “Flower Power” they may possess. 

We researched the different flowers and their benefits and created our special “Flower Power” mist from the essential oils. I could see myself feeling less stressed, more focused, less irritable and these benefits trickled over to Kate as well. 

Kate felt empowered with her fairies and flower mist and she wanted to keep them with her at all times.  I couldn’t argue with her because as the weeks went by, there was a calmness about her. Kate asked if she could share these fairies with her friends so that others could have a BFF and feel their power. The idea of the fairy dolls and aromatherapy “Flower Power” were born at that moment! 

As a graphic designer, I began designing our new family of fairies and Kate, being a very creative 1st grader, played an important role in the design of the dolls. We wanted an inspirational and mindful product that children everywhere could enjoy. We believe in the power of scent and that is why we are committed to giving a portion of our profits to children’s organizations that offer the practice of aromatherapy as a complement to conventional medicine.



Brought to life by you.
Take your BFF with you wherever you go.
Each BFF is handcrafted and filled with love.


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