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My Best Friend Fairy (aka MYBFF) was founded by a mom and her daughter on a mission: To give children tools to maneuver through life’s daily obstacles. We recognize there are many stressors in the world and strive to provide tools to help manage them. As a mother, my dream is for my children to feel empowered, to face obstacles and manage stress in a productive way. My Best Friend Fairy offers this healthy alternative.

Kate is a fun, creative, determined little girl. She is full of energy and is never short of ideas.


Maria is determined and a dreamer and will do anything to see her children succeed in what they want.

How did My BFF start?

My Best Friend Fairy was inspired by my daughter, Kate and her transition to  “BIG KID” school! When Kate showed signs of nervousness and anxiety that sometimes manifested as utter terror - as a new mom to a grade-schooler, I panicked!

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